Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anthony's Gift

This was the result of a Batik challenge between DD2 and myself, a gift for her husband's 40th.(5 months late)


With a bit of luck here is my Flora.


Managed to get my photos on the blog but no dialogue- computer dummy eh?
The Rainforest is A3 size, made as a commission for a friend, as this was Take 2 I was pleased about that! The original one got chopped into the UFO postcards for my SCQILTERS group. I,m currently working on quilts for my youngest two grandsons who are 5 and almost 4. I have learned that a baby quilt is best a little large (generous cot size) if you dont want to be soon making a sofa rug in a year or two! Both of the tiny quilts I made the boys are in reasonable nick but much too small now. Their sister's Quilts are much bigger.
Today I spent time with friends making quilts for hospitals/nursing homes, tomorrow am working on a rag doll-love dolls and teddies too.