Thursday, May 19, 2011

What have I been sewing?

Today I am very cross with self. I have been making a double 9 patch quilt for a friend who has been in a nursing home for a couple of years now. It started to be queen size but circumstances now mean large lap size is more appropriate. The colours are light and dark grey slahed with a cross of colour. The blocks are 8" finished made up into a 9 patch then there are 9 of the 24" blocks. The design was inspired by an art quilt I saw in a New Zealand quilting magazine article- so nice for a fella. I quilted several different patterns into the larger blocks and did them QAYG. Except when I got to the end I needed a block with light corners and I had- you guessed it!- a block with dark corners.
A nice matching cushion and back to making another 9 x 8" blocks and more quilting. Darn and blast... Next project is a bargello for a mentally disabled young man to be made in bright prints mostly supplied by his mother.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A photo or two

Some of what I've been doing. This colour is not true- the reality is deeper, this one is for my new gr/granddaughter. The teddy is one of a pair of twins which I will try to sell at my guild's show later in the year.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Self portraits

My local Art Quilters group- we are just five- meet irregularly! and get up to a bit of mischeif! This time we were to portray ourselves in fabric, the reveal is tomorrow and mine is not yet finished! I was not quite as enthused as the others as we had had that theme for Art Quilts Around The World for our last challenge. Of course that one could not be used so another had to be done. Photo when finished! I have been busy though with a couple of baby quilts (Oops! forgot a photo of one, will take a shot of the second.) First one went across the ditch to cousin in NZ. I've finally started Samantha's fortieth birthday quilt. She's nearly 47 now!! I made her a Hidden Wells as a 'clayton's quilt' you know- the quilt you have when you havent got your quilt. Fortunately she loves that one. The other couple of projects that I am working on are: a QAYG in greys with brights for a male friend who is in a nursing home and an Australiana for a cousin living in London. For this one I've used Jannie Lees' koalas from an old Down Under Quilts mag, and I think I'll bring it up to size with blocks by Margaret Rolfe. It is looking good so far- willattempt photos soon. The latest AWIAQ reveal is 31st March. 'Different' Mine is finished and I like it- always a bonus!